We’re never just going through the motions at our distillery. Industrial farming is designed to create the same product with the same flavours on repeat. Our heritage grains are a diverse mix of rye, wheat and barley, grown by our farmers with each possessing their own character and flavours. So a standard distillery and a one-size-fits-all mashbill doesn’t work for us. We’re now working with eight different mashbills (and counting).

We also use a wide variety of casks to enhance the flavour of our heritage grains. We use new American Oak, refilled rye casks, and repurposed casks that once held wines such as Sauternes and Moscatel. We move the whisky between casks if it helps to bring out even more of the grain’s flavours.

Fielden Casks
Rye on the rocks

Chico our Master Distiller was born into a Portuguese winemaking family and raised amongst the casks. He loves working with our heritage grains and experimenting with cask selection to produce Fielden whiskies. These days, he’s also keeping busy getting our new distillery ready for spirit to flow from the stills in September 2024.


We’re building a fully automated distillery in Yorkshire and scaling our warehousing to house 12,000 maturing casks of whisky by March 2030. In our new distillery, we’re changing the distilling process to get the very best flavours from our heritage grains – we’ll continue to use a combination of pot and column stills – while minimising inputs such as energy, water and time.

At Fielden, it always comes back to the grains. This is revolutionary whisky, from revolutionary farming.